Aljur Abrenica is the man of the hour, considering how he’s made noise asking to be released from his contract with GMA Artist Center – and how everyone has an opinion about it. While there are those who are supportive of his move, saying that he’ll have a more successful career in another network, there are also those who believe his move was stupid, done most probably because of the prodding of the wrong people around him.

As someone from Artist Center, all I can say is that Aljur has a live contract – it ends in 2017 – so both parties should stick to what’s written in it.

And this is exactly why I am inviting everyone to grab a copy of the August issue of Mega Man magazine with Aljur Abrenica on the cover. We shot this last June 27, and it was such a blast especially because I got to work with people from One Mega Group. Before moving to GMA, I was with OMG (as editor-in-chief of Inside Showbiz magazine and so I know the people from Mega magazine.

It was nice to get to work with Rain Dagala, Meg magazine’s fashion editor, who styled Aljur for his Mega Man cover. I am very pleased with how he styled Aljur, and how he’s such a fun person to work with.

It was also great to see Angelo, who interviewed Aljur for a promo vid for

I haven’t grabbed a copy of the issue yet, but I am very excited to see the photos and read the story.

Congrats to Mega Man!