Seeing someone wearing the same thing you’re wearing is always weird.

If the guy is hot and is carrying the outfit better than you, then you feel small and wanna change.

If the guy is ugly and you’re rocking the outfit, most of the time you still wanna change coz you don’t wanna be associated with the lowlife.

I had no issues when during the pocket press con for Artist Center talents participating in the Cinemalaya entries this year I saw Rocco Nacino wearing pretty much the same thing I was wearing: a black top under a navy coat, and then jeans. Good thing we weren’t wearing the same exact pieces. His black tee was a V-neck while my ribbed long-sleeved top was roundneck. We were wearing different colors of shoes, too.

And just to prove I had no issues with our almost-the-same #OOTD, I just had to have a photo taken with him.

Who wore it better? Don’t answer na! HAHAHAHA!