I know, I know. Alden was on the cover of the magazine’s February issue – and it’s March already.

But, of course, I’m still posting about it because I wanna share how impressed I am with this young talent.

There is no doubt how Alden is one of the most promising and busiest young stars now. Apart from getting his biggest break yet – the GMA 7 primetime series Carmela with no less than Marian Rivera – his list of endorsements deals and magazine covers has also been growing longer, too.

His cover shoot for the February issue of Men’s Health was lotsa fun (check out the shots where he was eating Chinese food and playing with chopsticks), and while it may not be obvious it also involved a lot of hard work and discipline.

Alden needed to be in tiptop shape for such a shoot and he made sure he prepared for it by eating healthier than ever and working out (just check out his biceps and chest for proof). And don’t think getting fit is easy for an artista. Most of them never have the time to go to the gym (they don’t even have time for decent sleep, actually), plus the temptation to pig out and eat junk food is always there.

So congrats, Alden, for such a great cover and an exciting career so far. You deserve all that you are reaping right now and I can’t wait to see more of what you have to offer!