I just got cable last month, after surviving four years without it. So naturally I am now a TV monster.

One of my favorite shows is Cupcake Wars, which is something like American Idol but for cupcake bakers instead of singers. There is a marathon every Sunday and I watch each and every single episode. In fact, I‘d rather watch the replays than do the groceries or spend quality time with my daughter.

Every episode is exciting. Four bakers (and their assistants) compete in a taste challenge, after which one is eliminated. The next challenge involves both taste and presentation, and yet another is booted out after deliberation. The final two compete by coming up with a creative display (based on a theme or event) that houses a thousand of their cupcakes. I don’t care much about the drama that takes place sometimes, or finding out who the winner is; I just like checking out the interesting-sounding cupcake flavours they have, especially because the first challenge usually requires contestants to use unusual cupcake ingredients. I also love watching the contestants popping in cupcake trays in the oven, inserting toothpicks to see if the cupcakes are already done, frosting, and coming up with beautiful and unique toppers and decors.

Oh, there are also times when I feel as if the host Justin Willman is the only reason why I watch the show.

After every marathon, I end up craving for cupcakes (which is very understandable, right?). So imagine how ecstatic I was a couple of weeks ago when I discovered Twelve Cupcakes, the newest cupcakery in town. Originating in Singapore and with branches in Jakarta, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, and Hong Kong, there are now branches in Century City Mall, SM Mall of Asia, and SM BF Paranaque.

I got a box containing their 12 everyday flavours, and it was easy for me to pick favourites (after sampling each and every single piece, of course): Red Velvet, Vanilla Chocolate, and Chocolate Chocolate. I am very satisfied with those three, but I sure can’t wait to try out interesting-sounding flavours such as Rose, Earl Grey, and Black Sesame. I want to check out the alcohol-infused ones, too: Strawberry Champagne, Baileys Chocolate, Chocolate Rum & Raisin, Black Forest, and Lychee Martini. I love how their cupcakes aren’t overly sweet. I can finish three in one sitting and not feel guilty about it. I actually finished four today.

Can’t wait for next Sunday. My Sundays = Twelve Cupcakes/Cupcake Wars.