We at Artist Center threw Joyce Ching a surprise birthday party awhile ago, and boy was it fun.

We first mounted a food-tasting event (where Joyce herself and some members of the press) that involved eels, pigeons, and turtles, and then Joyce’s family, friends, and fans gatecrashed with cakes and gifts.

Other artists present were Phytos Ramirez (I lovingly call him Fetus), the bubbly Krystal Reyes, and Stephanie Sol, one of our newest artists, who kinda looks like Cristine Reyes, right?

Our surprise party almost turned into an epic fail. Joyce wanted to go the event wearing just a shirt and a pair of jeans, but her mom (who was in on the whole thing) was forcing her to wear this sexy blue dress, which kind of made Joyce ask all these questions. Good thing she agreed to wearing it because she looks stunning, right???

But back to the food that City Best prepared for us.

The pigeon tasted just like chicken.

The eel was like grainy, tough squid.

And the turtle was just like very, very tough pork meat.

They’re okay but I will never eat them ever again.

But as for their shrimp-fruit salad...