In my last few months with Inside Showbiz, I got to meet young rapper Abra when we went to his house to shoot and interview him.

He was such a great interviewee – candid, animated, and with lots of interesting stories to share, from how he started in the business to how he wants to be a very rich businessman. He was very relaxed yet confident during the whole time, and oozed star appeal every second, especially when the photog was already taking some snapshots outside. 

Abra, based solely on the two or three hours I got to spend time with him, seems to be a very grounded and down-to-earth guy, which is very impressive for the big rap star that he’s becoming more and more every day (just check how concertgoers go gaga every time he has a show). I’m sure he’s gonna stick around in this industry and will only get better and bigger. And when that time comes, I’ll be ready with claim-to fame photos I can sell to Pep or TMZ (odiba) for blackmail. Plus the fact that I got to spend some time on his bed (uhm, without him, though, okay?).