One lunch time when I was still with OMG, a sweet surprise awaited everyone at the pantry: a dessert buffet from Sweet Dreams, care of an officemate who wanted to treat everyone after he got regularized (and promoted, I think). I swear I felt like I was the one who got promoted the moment I saw the beautiful set-up. Not only was the whole thing pretty, using a garden party theme and a green/brown/white palette, it made me want to indulge, too. I made sure I got a little bit of everything: huge chocolate marshmallows, chocolate-covered rice puffs, banana split-flavored sour strips, choco cupcakes, Valencia orange-flavored chocolates from Mayfair (yes, it’s still around!), mini mango floats, wafer sticks, chocolate cookies, and green and yellow sour worms. They were all so prettily presented in clear jars, colored pails, and cake stands.

It was somewhere between swallowing the remaining bits of a yellow and green sour worm and unwrapping a piece of the much-missed Mayfair chocolate block when it hit me: I want to have my own dessert buffet business. It makes so much sense. I am such a big lover of sweets and I know what’s yummy out there, plus I am also into design. In fact, I am good with visuals. More importantly, I am not deluded. I really am quite a visual genius. This I was reminded of when I did my research on local dessert buffet businesses. I saw around 15 and only two of them offered really beautiful, creative set-ups.

It’s been a couple of months since that idea hit me, and I still haven’t done anything about it. I’m blaming work, family, and life. But I’m still very much interested in pursuing it. I hope it’s not just a fad. Actually, I just want to try doing it at my own parties, and I’ll be one fulfilled guy. But if it turns out to be something I can earn from and do long-term, then why not?