Forget rejection, your boss not liking your presentation, or your crush still not accepting your Facebook friend request. When it comes to pain, nothing beats toothache. I was reminded of this almost a month ago when a bad tooth’s filling got dislodged. This caused me major discomfort I started losing sleep. Since my dentist was out of the country, I had to settle for a new one. I didn’t have much time so during a weekend I dropped by a dental clinic inside a mall and said yes to whoever was available. After inspection, my new dentist suggested root canal. I’ve never undergone the procedure but based on her description and the several horror stories of friends, there was no way I was gonna do it. I’d rather have the tooth extracted.

And so I got it extracted.

It turned out to be a very challenging hour or so that was filled with groans, fingernails digging on skin (MY fingernails digging on MY skin, to be clear), and requests to up the anaesthesia. Whenever the dentist moved the tooth it hurt so bad it was worse than my most recent heartbreak. The weird thing is that while I was cussing ex-lovers every time she moved my tooth, I didn’t feel that exact moment she extracted the bitch. Afterward, half of my face felt so numb and weird coz of the anaesthesia I just had to treat myself to Gravity.

The next weeks were hell. I couldn’t eat much, and only the safe side of my mouth could do proper chewing. On the second week I still couldn’t chew on the bad side. I didn’t even want to try because I was so afraid of it getting infected. Now everything’s almost back to normal.

That tooth extraction was so traumatic it made me vow to give up sweets and to even better my already good dental habits. So far so good on the latter, but not so good on the former. Still, the whole experience was so life-changing I am really bent on cutting down on sweets. What can I say, pain is motivating.

According to my dentist some teeth need some filling. Nothing major apart form that. So I’m good, I guess.

Oh, apart from a couple of impacted teeth that may need to be removed. And she said I need a surgeon for that.