Everyone gets an attack of the mid-day munchies, and BonChon has some new offerings for those who think that their Wings Ricebox (as in four pieces of wings and rice) is just a little too heavy.

First are the Snackwiches, which may seem small (but they’re just for snacktime, remember?), but are actually filling and tasty enough. The better variant is Doubly Spicy, its spicy-glazed chicken chop complemented by a spread of spicy mayo and their famous kimchi coleslaw. But if you can’t handle some heat, the Double Garlic would suffice, its creamy garlic mayo adding just enough flavour to the soy garlic glazed chicken chop.

If you’re a big fan of their crispy chicken skin but do not have the appetite for a rice meal or are too lazy to make himay, then you’ll consider Chicken Poppers heavensent. It’s exactly like their chicken wings (yes, available in either Soy Garlic or Spicy) but in bite-size. It’s so handy you can bring it to the movies instead of a tub of popcorn, or even ask for a cup of rice if you suddenly go starving.

BonChon capitalizes on the popularity of their crispy chicken skin by going crispy even with their dessert. They have a gourmet – and crispy, of course – version of the crepe, which they call... Crispy Crepe (in Apple Caramel, and Mangoes & Cream flavours). Gourmet? Not really. We’re not complaining, though. Now we don’t have to go to McDo for their Apple Pie and then dash off to Jollibee for their Peach Mango Pie when we’re on a crazy-for-pie day.