I LOVE milk tea. As in I wanna highlight LOVE, change the font size to 72, change the font style to Halloween, and boldface and ITALIZE it just to make a point.

I love milk tea because there are so many flavours, plus it’s cheaper than Starbucks.

I fell in love with it in Macau, back when milk tea was not yet the in thing in Manila – back when all I could have were the Red Milk Tea from Quickly, the Pearl Milk Tea from Zagu, and the Thai milk teas from Krua Thai and Jatujak.

And then milk tea became big. At first it seemed like it was just a trend but it’s nice to know that after a couple of years it is still around – definitely good news for milk tea lovers.

I used to get my milk tea fix from Chatime simply because there’s a branch inside the mall near my house, plus another near where I used to work. My favorite Chatime drink is TieGuanyin Tea Latte, but I wanted to try everything that I kept one of their leaflets and used it as a checklist. I was halfway through ticking off all the drinks when I resigned from work. I had to say bye to the mall and the Chatime branch there.

After my love affair with Chatime I had a rebound relationship with Gong Cha and a one-night-stand with Serenitea.

Before we moved to the condo, there was an I Love Milk Tea branch right outside our village and I couldn’t believe how affordable yet yummy their drinks are. I didn’t get to try a lot but my favorite is their Salted Caramel Milk Tea. Their drinks are too sweet for me, however, so asking for the sugar to be just 50% is a good idea.

I also recently just discovered Infinitea and fell in love with their Wintermelon Milk Tea with Salted Cream. I discovered it, thanks to an officemate who brought me to a branch near the office. I fell in love with the drink that I craved for it one weekend, only to discover late Sunday night that there are two branches near our village. And so I bought four. In fairness, I gave away one of them naman and saved another for the next day.

But my favorite right now is Dakasi. There is a branch near the office where I always get the Okinawa Milk Tea. It’s sweet and creamy, and it has the right balance of milk and tea. While it is currently my signature drink – signature milk tea, to be specific – I fell in love with another drink from Dakasi: Blueberry Au Lait. It’s heaven in a cup. I won’t even try to describe it. I’d rather call them now and place an order for delivery.

While I love milk tea in general, my most favorite type is Thai tea. As in. The thing is that most milk tea places don’t have anything like it – except for the Cha Yen drink of Cha Dao, which I was obsessed with back when there was a stall near my old office. Thank God for Thai Tea, which is, well, Thai tea but in a can. I actually don’t know the brand because the can has a lot of blurbs: “Taste Nirvana,” “Tisanes Herbal Tea Drink,” and “The Thailandais” but I’ll just refer to it as Thai Tea, okay? It is available in both Mini Stop and 7 Eleven for P49/P50, and it is so worth it. Christine Tan is the local distributor and I am thankful she brought it to the Philippines because I am seriously addicted to it. You can check my Instagram account as proof. And I love her even more because she sent me several cans of Thai Tea to enjoy. Christmas came early, thanks to Christine!

Sadako likes it, too, but I don’t want her to consume lots of sugar. Besides, I wanna have all of them for myself ;)

I’ll finish them in no time, but I can rest assured that Mini Stop and 7 Eleven both have Thai Tea. Can’t wait to go home, open a can, and take that first sip!