I am not going to deny it: I am a stage parent. I think most, if not all, parents are; it’s just that there are all sorts of stage parents, and one behaves differently from another. As a big fan of FTV (I can watch runway shows the whole day) and America’s Next Top Model, and basically fashion, I would really, really love it if Sadako would show signs of love for fashion and the runway. The fiercer, the better. Like that feeusss young girl Tyra Banks had as a guest on ANTM. She outwalked all the contestants I’M SWEAR.

I actually felt a little jealous of the stage parents present at the SM Kids Fashion event I attended not so long ago. Some kids walked, and the thought of my daughter doing the same put a smile on my face. I’d probably teach her to do a super feeusss pose (and keep it a secret from all the other kid models AND the director most especially) para kabog silang lahat.

But my daughter runs around like a headless chicken instead of a supermodel wannabe (you know, straight line). She ejects the ANTM DVD whenever I pop it in the player. She’d rather make strange faces instead of instantly give a sweet smile when you ask her. She doesn’t like posing in front of the camera; she’d rather, well, do something else. Anything. I’d love to enter her to that Gingersnaps contest but in case she’d make it to the round where she has to walk, I know it’d be complete chaos.

And so I just let her do her thing. What’s her thing? My three-year-old loves music a little more than the girl-next-door. She appreciates songs from artists like Bjork, Erykah Badu, Jessie Ware, and Viktoria. She can sing along to songs after some tries. I am actually impressed whenever she attempts to sing the complicated runs and adlibs (complicated for a three-year-old), and pulls off some of them. I see her study songs sometimes. For example, there was a time when she’d sing Lady Gaga’s “Applause” only until the first stanza. After the last line of the stanza, she’d instantly press rewind and sing from the top. That drove us crazy at home. Now she presses rewind after singing along to the first stanza, refrain, chorus, and second stanza. Progress!

Sadako’s also showing love for performing. Apart from singing, she likes copying the live performances of Beyonce and Christina Aguilera or the emotes and choreography of Bjork and Lady Gaga in their music videos. Whenever she performs, her mic and mic stand should be brought out, she should be garbed in a costume, and the iPad should be on camera mode, selfie style, so she could see her performance.

Sadako has also started singing along to each and every TVC jingle, and mimicking scenes from the GMA 7 teleseryes we watch at night.

So yeah, Sadako’s not too big on sashaying or concaving (well, she’s just three so I’m giving her a couple of years), but music and performing aren’t that bad. I’m actually grateful she’s showing great interest and talent in something this early.