I’m a huge fan of ramen. I make it a point to try a new ramen house every time but whenever I go back to the same place I make sure I try a new dish. However, things have changed ever since I had lunch with my officemates at Ryu Ramen and Curry in Tomas Morato. I have been going back to that place because of one dish: their Tantanmen Ramen. It’s exactly how I want my food to be: very flavorful. Give me just its peanutty and creamy broth and I am one happy kid already. So the fact that it has other tasty ingredients — nori, a soft boiled egg, chasyu, and al dente egg noodles — is a great, great bonus. I am good with the mild version because it is spicy enough, but when I feel like my crush doesn’t crush me back or something like that, I go for the spicy version and everything is so much better afterward.

I’m the try-everything type, but I think I can die a satisfied ramen lover now that I’ve found the Tantanmen Ramen of Ryu.