I am such a bad parent. I’ve been so preoccupied with work lately that I didn’t have the time and energy to bring Sadako out for trick-or-treat this year. Worse, I didn’t get to work on her costume. To think I had a couple of brilliant ideas. Sadako’s favorite video right now is Lady Gaga’s “Applause,” and I really wanted her to dress up as Gaga for Halloween. Apart from how she’d really be so into it, I also love how it’s easy to come up with an Applause Gaga. Just cover Sadako in black from head to toe, and work some magic on her face: white base plus blue, yellow and red smudges. So easy! Yeah, so easy but I still wasn’t able to do it.

Costume idea #2 was Miley Cyrus during her MTV VMA performance. Quite easy, as well. All I really needed was that foam hand thingy since Sadako already wears a bra and a panty as pambahay, but even that I couldn’t find anywhere since I didn’t really exert much effort.

So what did Sadako end up being for trick-or-treat this year? A boring, generic, safe and not-so-creative fairy. Honeybun was doing the groceries with her brother and Sadako, and didn’t know that there was a trick-or-treat at the mall. My daughter, upon seeing everyone in costume, was understandably jealous. She was in great awe she touched all the kids in costume. Feeling for our daughter, Honeybun bought the nearest, most possible costume around: a pair of fairy wings. Sadako was supposed to be just another kid with a pair of fairy wings but she ended up quite the headturner, after she decided to remove her t-shirt and wear just the bra, which she was already wearing underneath her shirt. So yeah, she was some sort of sexy fairy.

Can’t wait to make bawi next year.