Remember when Christmas cards existed??? Of course, they still exist, just out there in National Bookstore branches and other places, but I honestly don’t know whether people still buy and use them or not. Most probably, there’s still a market, but I’m sure it’s not as huge as before.

I equate Christmas with cards. When I was a kid, sending out Christmas cards was a tradition. I enjoyed going through all the designs in National Bookstore and having “that moment” when I find The One/s. I had fun flaunting my perfect penmanship, even if all I had to write was the “dear” and the “from,” although when I grew older I, of course, learned how to add a few lines for a more personalized touch.

I also loved receiving Christmas cards, especially from relatives abroad because that meant cool cards I don’t get to see in National Bookstore.

I was going through my stuff last week and found a whole stack of Christmas cards.

I don’t remember where this one came from but I remember dreaming of a white Christmas when I was a kid. As a little boy living in the snow-deprived Philippines, the concept of snow was so amazing especially because I see it in cartoons, coloring books, and greeting cards every year. 

This is another snowy card. I think it’s such a beautiful painting. I remember wanting to go to this place when I was a kid. I actually don’t know whether this place exists or not.

I don’t know why I saved this one, but I love how creepy Santa looks here. Hello – he’s by the window staring at a child hugging his dog. And those cheekbones are just something.

Again, I have no idea why I kept this card after all these years, but it does remind me of a couple of greeting cards that I designed for Goodwill Bookstore when I was a kid. Ang laki naman ni Jesus Christ dito.

This one is a card our relatives from abroad sent my late grandfather. I like it because when I was a kid, I had a thing for mistletoes and poinsettias and snowmen and other Christmas-related things I got to see only on TV.

Of course, there are also those cards that didn’t appeal to me: basic, boring ones that didn’t have drawings, or those that looked as if they were made for lolos and lolas, like this one. It actually looks like it can go with a box of fruitcake.

This one I totally dig. It’s simple, colorful, and it has American Christmas elements that I so craved when I was a kid: the sled, and the snow.

I also found this unused Christmas card I bought from Book Sale. It was priced P12.00! I should use it this year.

Advanced Merry Christmas!