I just said goodbye to my iPhone 5.

Early this year, I decided to finally go touch screen (late bloomer, I know) and after thinking long and hard about which phone to get, I went for an iPhone 5.

It was love at first swipe. (Love at first sight, actually, since there’s no denying how beautiful-looking the iPhone 5 is.) I don’t even know where to begin! The longer and larger screen, its sexy and just-right size, the awesome photos the camera takes – everything about it, basically.

Don’t even get me started on all the apps you can get from the App Store!

But then I got a Samsung S4. That was when things got complicated. Before I knew it, I was already addicted to both phones that no matter how much I wanted to be a minimalist and simplify my life, the selfish and materialistic part of me kept on justifying why I should keep both phones.

And then my office phone, an iPhone 5, arrived. I decided to switch phones with my assistant, who got a Samsung S4, because she’s been wanting an iPhone 5.

It didn’t take a while before I realized that I don’t want to have three phones. The million-dollar question: Which two phones to keep? A lot of people suggested for me to keep my iPhone 5 and use the S4 as my office phone, and then just sell my S4. After much thought, I decided to use both S4s and just let my iPhone 5 take a long nap. I realized I don’t want to use two very different phones. I just don’t wanna stress my fingers that way.

Incidentally, my sister’s iPhone died a couple of days after I decided to let my iPhone 5 go into hibernation mode. Interestingly, I didn’t have a hard time letting go of it and deciding to pass it on to her.

However, I had cold feet that time I was deleting accounts and other contents. But once everything was gone I was good.

I am surprised I am not experiencing any withdrawal symptoms. Then again, I didn’t experience any when Sadako dropped my iPad 2 (it’s gathering dust somewhere) or when Sadako decided to own my iPad Mini. But really, I don’t think I should be concerned about iPhone 5 withdrawal symptoms, when – hello – I have two S4s right now.

Owning two phones may still not be the way to go for a minimalist, but owning two as opposed to owning three is definitely better.  

Baby steps, yes.

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