Dear self: Anong now what??? Now where???

Actually, I so know where I want to go now that my passport has finally been renewed (but that’s another post). I am just so glad I have finally done it — after some major procrastination.

Now I can go to Western Union and collect moolah without ate asking me for another ID.

Now I can open a bank account. 

Best of all, now I can travel out of the country. I actually had to say no to three work trips because of an expired passport. Now I am so ready to say yes. I am itching to fly.

When I was still with OMG, it was so easy for me to just go and have my passport renewed at either SM Megamall or Robinsons Galleria, but that never happened. Good thing when I left the company, the DFA near my place (inside the Metro Gaisano Alabang mall) just opened.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to just go for it. I booked an appointment through the DFA site and waited impatiently for the day of my “appearance.” Since I hate falling in line (especially when it’s really long) more than I hate waiting, I decided to show up really, really early for my “appearance.” I ended up first in line — kinda embarrassing but hey, I got to leave first, too. I’m still not over how fast and painless the whole experience was. Guy checked my form, girl checked my old passport, another girl got my moolah, yet another girl took my photo and asked for my autograph. That was it. The only problem I experienced was I had to flatten my fauxhawk a little bit so I could fit the frame.

A while ago, I finally claimed my passport. I was so excited to do so it’s kinda kadiri. It took me less than five minutes. Can’t believe it. Now I can’t stop touching it and enjoying how new it feels. I can’t stop staring at my almost-perfect photo (kinda disappointed they asked me to not pout daw and relax lang but I can also smile naman daw but without teeth).

Now all that’s left for me to do is travel, travel, travel.