I’ve been working in GMA 7 as PR & events manager of Artist Center for around a month now. It’s interesting how not so long ago, I was just an intern running around for one of their sitcoms and now I am someone who’s timing in and out — and has his own desk. I’m still using one of those visitor IDs, however, but hopefully I get my company ID very soon.

I was a Kapamilya when I was a kid but I eventually became a Kapuso. Blame it on my late grandmother, who was a solid fan of the network. She never switched channels, and every time I tried to do so — during commercial breaks, of course — I would get scolded. You could also blame it on how one time, I didn’t have cable at the apartment and the only channel my TV set could pick up was GMA 7.

There is no doubt how I am a big fan of GMA 7, its shows, and its stars. Even before working in GMA, nights and weekends have always involved GMA shows. Moreover, I appreciate their sincerity and humility. There is just something about the network and the people who work there that connects to me.

After my stint with One Mega Group as editor-in-chief of Inside Showbiz magazine and InsidePinoyShowbiz.ph, I was supposed to take a break from being an employee. I wanted to take a break and spend more time with Sadako, and start a business. But I got all these signs and it was hard to ignore the message: GMA 7 + me = perfect combination. 

And so I’ve been working in GMA for almost a month now, and despite all the challenges, like the long commute and how my team isn’t complete yet, I am having so much fun organizing and holding events, promoting our talents through social media, meeting our artists’ fans, and once again doing PR work. I am fulfilled, I feel good. It’s a perfect fit. Imagine how more perfect it’d be and how productive I’d get once my team is complete and once I already live nearby. 

Anyway, I am so happy with where I am now I came up with a very personal list of the things that I love most about working in GMA. 

1. Upon regularization, my dependent will also get a health card. I never had this benefit in any of my previous jobs, and it’s so important to me now because I have a daughter.

2. I get a sack of rice. And I heard it’s yummy.

3. A day is not complete without making beso or shaking hands with at least five celebs. So far, I’ve had the honor of meeting Vince Velasco (Victor Basa’s boyfriend in My Husband’s Lover), Jonalyn Viray, and Betong.

4. I make celebs happy. For example, my team and I organized the 18th birthday party of Rita de Guzman last week and after the fun event, I got a sincere, teary-eyed thank you from the very happy, fulfilled and satisfied celebrant AND her mother. Priceless. Can’t wait to make some celebs happy by putting them on the cover of a magazine.

5. I make fans happy. My team and I regularly make meet-ups and meet-and-greets possible for fans, and since I myself am a big fan of a lot of people, I know how it feels when you meet your favorite celeb. I am honored I am instrumental in fulfilling their dreams.

6. We have a cafeteria and it reminds me of school so much. So many good things about it: affordable yet yummy grub, news personalities eating affordable yet yummy grub (so impressive), and a Buko ni Fruitas stall. I am so happy I can get a huge cup of buko shake every single day. And Mega Fries from Potato Corner, too.

7. The hardworking, down-to-earth employees. I’ve already met a lot of people in GMA, from tech people to AVPs, and a lot of them are so hardworking AND humble it is so impressive. No star complex. The GMA employee just wants to work. And I like that very much.

8. I like how the guys and girls in Artist Center are all young and wide-eyed and hardworking and so promising and talented at the same time. There are certain challenges when you work with such people, but there are also advantages. I am happy I am part of the group making their dreams come true, and also molding them to be the best they can be.

9. Starbucks is far. At first, I didn’t appreciate how the nearest Starbucks is a cab ride away, but then I realized how this has saved me a lot of money. Back in OMG, I always ate in the Starbucks beside our building, and then grabbed a drink from the one in front of our building. So yeah, I now like how Starbucks isn’t just 30 steps from the office. However, I do like the fact that most of the people I need to meet for work request to meet up in the Starbucks in Imperial Palace Suites.

10. Dennis Trillo. I’ve seen Dennis twice because of my new work, and it’s always nice to see Dennis. Always. I also like how I am exposed to a lot of good-looking people. Nothing beats exposure to eyecandies. Inspires you to do your best at work.