After condo-hunting last week, we ended up trying out Caffe Bene in Eastwood. Wasn’t blown away by the breads, sandwiches and some of the cakes, but I enjoyed the waffles because they were crusty-chewy.

My favorite is the one with the bananas, which reminds me of maruja, only class-er.

I also enjoyed the blueberry cream cheese one. It’s pretty simple but there’s no beating the blueberry and cream cheese combination.

I wanted to get the Red Bean Green Tea Waffle but ended up giving it to someone else. I do have to try that one next time because I love the Starbucks drink version so I think I’ll like this one, as well.

Yayadoll chose the one with the strawberries but before leaving I saw her plate full of strawberries. LOLers.

The best thing I ordered has got to be the blueberry cream cheese gelato. The blueberry gelato tasted more like sorbet while the cream cheese one was very mmm-inducing — it was rich and creamy. I would order it alone next time, but the blueberry-cream cheese combination works so well I’ll probably have it again next time. They’ve got more gelato flavors, so I think I’ll be a regular over at Caffe Bene.