I remember the first time I played the Beyonce concert DVD for Sadako.

She ignored it.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to play it again for her. And this time Queen Bey had her attention. Sadako was so mesmerized she got to finish the whole concert — and even asked us to play it again.

After that, Sadako would watch the whole concert two to four times a day — every single day.

And now she’s memorized the whole thing. Apart from knowing the words to most of the songs, she also knows the dance steps. She even knows which song is coming up next.

Thanks to Beyonce, Sadako has learned the importance of wardrobe changes and props, plus high production value. Depending on which song Beyonce’s performing next, my daughter knows which clothes to get from her cabinet (long dress, short dress, tank top, bra) and which props to grab from her drawers (mic, mic stand, toy drum, drumsticks, blindfold). In between songs, she knows how to run to her mother to help her quickly change into the next costume. She also makes sure the vanity mirror is facing her and that someone else (me or Yayadoll) is holding the iPad Mini and recording her performance.

Beyonce isn’t exactly the performer I want my daughter to emulate but she sure can learn from Bey’s powerful vocals, fine ad libs and impressive moves. That would do for now. Can’t wait for her to get tired of singing Beyonce’s “Green Light,” “Naughty Girl,” “Flaws and All” and “Freakum Dress” so I can introduce her to MIA and Grace Nono.