One of my most favorite restaurants is Almon Marina. I love how there is always a free table — good when there’s a sale or when you’re carrying a lot of bags and you just wanna rest. Their brick walls and old music are also a plus.

And then there’s the food.

I remember the first time I ate in Almon; my grandmother brought me there and we shared the Nutty Ham Club, which was something I’ve never tasted before. The cream cheese and the walnuts were a pleasant surprise; the pineapple slices, too, since I am a big fan of the fruit. 

During my teen years, I loved hanging out in Almon because there were no noisy, attention-deprived, pa-class teenagers. My friends and I were the noisy, attention-deprived, pa-class teenagers. We’d always order a couple of their submarine sandwiches and share them. When I lost them as friends, I still ended up regularly eating in Almon and ordering the submarine sandwich (the spicy tune one, to be specific), and finishing it all by myself. 

Although I am a creature of habit, I am also experimental so I have tried out other food in Almon, such as their kebabs, their pasta dishes (their bolognese is almost as good as the one in Pancake House), their desserts, and their other sandwiches. I am actually in love with their sandwiches and would love to try them all. One of my goals this year is to get a list of their sandwiches and try each and every single thing. 

Oh, almost forgot. My super favorite thing about Almon? Those little flags. Getting Scandinavian flags always makes my day.