When I was a teenager, I used to hang out at French Baker a lot because of the ambience and food. This particular French Baker near my place was my Starbucks, and instead of a Mocha Frap I’d always get an Iced Mocha, which was always sweet and strong — just the way I like it. My drink would always go with grub: French Baker classics like their brownies, carrot bar, lasagna, or chicken a la king.

One sad day, my favorite French Baker closed. 

That was years ago.

A couple of weeks ago I remembered how it reopened, although at a different spot. Strangely, I’ve never eaten there despite passing by all the time and despite how much I used to love a lot of their offerings. I guess it’s coz of the new location, or the interiors, or maybe because I didn’t want to get disappointed. 

One day, I found myself trying it out with my grandmother. I saw a lot of new breads and pastries they didn’t offer before. They even have macarons now, odiba. When I checked the menu, I was glad to find out they still offer the same stuff I used to order all the time. However, I decided to go for something new, their Lasagna Verde, but partnered it with an old fave, the Iced Mocha, which they thankfully still have.

The Lasagna Verde is a slice of heaven. The cheese is gooey, while the tomato sauce is very flavorful. Instead of meat, there are vegetable slices, which is always a good thing, especially when they’re tasty (yes, they’re tasty).

The Iced Mocha I am glad to report is as good as the last one I had there yearsss ago. Talk about being consistent. One sip and I was transported to my teenage years. I think I’ve found a new favorite old place.