It’s for hot dads, too.

But let’s talk about the stuff for hot moms there first.

Lots of comfy sleepwear like camisoles.

They’ve got a lot of basics, too, mostly in white, black and gray. 

And then there’s the sexy stuff like lingerie, lacy bras and really skimpy panties. 

For dads, they have a lot of casual stuff like tees, long-sleeved tops and gym pants.

Let’s not forget the underwear.

From really colorful boxers...

...to push-up briefs. Because boobs aren’t the only ones that need some pushing up.

Got the chance to shop over at Yamamay and as much I wanted to get a pair of the push-up briefs, I decided to get something else. Not that I need some pushing up. LOLers.

Parents should check out Yamamay. But the brand is not responsible for all the possible baby-making that may take place because of their sexy undies, okay?

I really should have gotten Sadako some undies coz now she's into bras, thanks to Beyonce and Lady Gaga.

They have two branches so far; one is one the second floor of Robinsons Magnolia while the other is on the first floor of the new Glorietta 2.