I just watched the Cinemalaya entry “Nuwebe” and boy was I bothered. 

It’s the story of nine-year old Krista (Barbara Miguel — yes, Kalila from “Ang Munting Heredera”), who is raped by her own father (Jake Cuenca) and gets pregnant. 

It’s inspired by a true story.


Actually, the whole father-rapes-his-daughter-and-impregnates-her plot isn’t that unique. That’s not what bothered me. What bothered me was the fact that I have a three-year old daughter. Not that I hear voices in my head telling me to rape my daughter. Not that I get sexual urges that I can’t control.

The movie simply reminded me of how difficult it is to have a daughter for a child. 

I’ve been a dad to Sadako for a little over three years and I’ve realized it’s really true what they say: It’s easier to have a son than a daughter. Boys and girls can both get sexually abused, but girls get pregnant and boys don’t. And maybe it’s just me but I feel as if SOMEHOW you can stop being a parent to a son (or be less of a parent, if that makes sense — okay, let’s just say be a little less hands-on/clingy) but not to a daughter. I feel like no matter how old Sadako gets she’ll always be my little girl, who needs to be protected and be given a curfew all the time.

Then again, I may be biased since I do have a girl and not a boy.

I actually dread the time Sadako starts kindergarten. 

But not as much as I dread the time she starts grade school. 

But not as much as I dread the time she starts high school.

But not as much as I dread the time she starts college.

I’m such a worrywart, I know.

Anyway, try to catch "Nuwebe" if you have the chance. Must-see for parents.