Sadako’s iPad 2 just died.

Well, not really. 

When she and her cousin Inigo were playing with it during my dad’s birthday lunch last week, they dropped it on the floor, shattering its top glass layer. Good thing it had a protective film so we didn’t make a dangerous mess. 

Her iPad now has several cracks so there’s no way I’m letting Sadako play with it again even if it’s still working. According to my brother, we can just have the glass replaced. But it’s already been a week and we haven’t had it fixed yet. Guess we’re all too busy. And, you know what, maybe we’re also intentionally forgetting to have it fixed, kind of relieved that we now have a valid reason to take the iPad away from her, especially because she’s been spending a lot of time with it.

Honeybun and I thought it would be hard for Sadako to deal with the loss of her iPad, but she’s coping pretty well. How? She’s now using her mom’s iPad Mini, which is lighter, prettier, and sexier. 

We really should have her iPad fixed ASAP.