And it’s Beyonce’s fault.

See, Sadako has a thing for playing dress-up.

She asks for a bandana or a scarf or any piece of cloth to be wrapped around her head whenever she wants to sing along to her favorite Erykah Badu song, “Bag Lady.”

She makes sure she’s wearing her kitten heels whenever she performs Tamar Braxton’s “Love and War.”

She grabs this piece of white piece of lacy fabric and puts it around her shoulders whenever she’s copying Christina Aguilera in her American Music Awards performance, where she sang a medley of tracks from her “Lotus” album, starting with “Lotus (Intro).”

So going back to Beyonce, my little one discovered the talented star just recently when I popped in a DVD copy of her 2006 concert. It didn’t take long for Sadako to copy the star’s birits, moves, and get-ups.

So one night I get home and see my three-year old daughter wearing her mother’s bra. 

This morning, I woke up to Sadako singing along to Beyonce’s “Green Light” — wearing a bra, of course.

Time to introduce her to Roisin Murphy.