She really does. And it’s not just because she likes listening to the same artists that I listen to. (Yeah, I’m kinda proclaiming I have great taste in music.) But really, Sadako’s up there when it comes to taste in music. Apart from looking up to Christina Aguilera and digging Erykah Badu, Sadako is the only three-year-old I know who listens to Bjork and sings and dances along to her “It’s Oh So Quiet” music video. She also likes “Joga.”

Sadako is into all sorts of genres, from old school R&B (her current fave is TLC’s “Creep”) to OPM (she loves singing along to the “Magpakailanman” theme and also has a soft spot for Yasmien Kurdi and Yeng Constantino). I like how she’s into non-mainstream artists like THE Heidi Montag (Sadako LOVES “Higher”) and semi-unknown talents like Nicole Westbrook, Hannah Rose, and Sarah Maugaotega.

Other songs she likes singing (even the mad libs ha): “Dahan Dahan” by Viktoria, “Sunrise” by Simply Red, “How Will I Know” by Whitney Houston, “XXXcessory” and “Hot Couture” by Manila Luzon, “Rehab” and “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse, and “Love and War” by Tamar Braxton.

Before, I’d shake my head in disbelief whenever I heard parents say that their kids started singing when they were three or four years old. Now I know that’s very possible pala, thanks to Sadako. Actually, she started “singing” when she was a little short of a year old, perfectly “singing” THAT part of the song “Loving You.” But I’m not gonna start there. Okay na’ko sa three years old.