I know I’m not the only one who thinks that the iPad is one of the best inventions ever. 

I also think I’m not the only who considers it one of the best yayas. (Not here to offend so wag over-OA, ha???)

Some time ago Yayadoll took a very long hiatus. It was only when she expressed an interest to return when Honeybun and I realized that life wasn’t really that hard without her. 

Thanks to the iPad.

It solved a lot of things, Honeybun and I agreed.

Sadako’s bored? Bring out the iPad.

Sadako’s throwing another tantrum? Bring out the iPad.

Mwah Mwah’s already sleepy but Sadako isn’t yet? Bring out the iPad.

Pla Pla’s still sleepy but Sadako’s already wide awake? Bring out the iPad.

The iPad was our answer to everything that we never left home without it.

Sadako likes using the iPad for all sorts of things. She enjoys dressing up people and “cooking” gingerbread cookies or mac and cheese. She likes doodling butterflies using Kaleido Free. She loves interactive Tabtale Books featuring stories like “Princess Frog,” “Wizard of Oz” and “Princess Pea.”

My daughter is also a big fan of music so I downloaded some apps that can save videos. Videos eat up a bigt chunk in Sadako’s iPad memory. She has several “Hi-5” videos there, plus a wide variety of music videos from artists like Christina Aguilera, TLC, Jessie Ware, Manila Luzon and Whitney Houston.

But the number one thing Sadako uses her iPad for is taking pictures. She likes taking... selfies. She even has some signature poses. Whenever she’s not taking photos of herself, she requires others — me, her mom or Yayadoll — to take her photos.

And then a weird habit: she likes requiring us to hold the iPad so she can use it as a mirror (camera, mirror button) while she plays with her doll, color her books, or (the best) take photos of herself using my iPhone or her mom’s iPad Mini.

Too much of a “good thing” is bad, of course, so now that Yayadoll is back, we’re cutting down on Sadako’s iPad time, especially because we’ve noticed signs of “addiction.” She falls asleep holding it. It’s the first thing she asks for the moment she wakes up. She’s been scratching her eyes. She wants it all the time. 

Time for Sadako to go out and smell the flowers. With Yayadoll.

Thank God Yayadoll is back.