I like letting my three-year old daughter Sadako listen to the stuff that I love, hoping, of course, that she’d end up liking them, too. Sometimes I don’t expect too much because I know her ears are too young for complicated sounds. But it’s always a pleasant surprise when she ends up liking them — without me shoving it down her throat. For example, she caught me watching some Bjork videos one time and “It’s Oh So Quiet” caught her fancy. She got my laptop and finished the whole thing. 

“Again,” she ordered me when it ended.

Now, she knows the whole song and “performs” it, complete with jumps, kicks and screams.

It was also a pleasant surprise when Sadako expressed interest in Erykah Badu. Same thing happened. I was watching the “Bag Lady” music video and I guess it caught her attention because it’s such a colorful vid, so my laptop ended up on HER lap for quite some time. 

Now every time she watches the video (I saved it in my iPhone, her iPad and her mom’s iPad Mini), she asks for a headdress a la Erykah Badu. Thankfully, I have some scarves.

Whenever they’re being washed, though, I’d end up settling for a towel or a little blanket. Because she can’t perform “Bag Lady” without a headdress.

I’m proud to share that Sadako Badu also knows some lines and some ad libs from the song! You have flaw-free taste in music, my daughter! Just like your Pla Pla! Hahaha!