We finally gave Sadako her own bicycle after countless “wala” scenes at the mall — you know, whenever we try to unglue her from one of the bikes for sale that we just don’t want to buy yet. 

It’s Honeybun who chose and bought the bike (I’m just the financer), and she got a pink, girly, princess-y one. She also got protective headgear plus elbow and knee pads. 

We gave her the bike one night and she was so happy she kept on riding it — inside the room, complete with the helmet and the pads, for around 30 minutes.

The next morning, we let Sadako take in some sunshine while riding her bike outside the house for the very first time. She enjoyed it, of course, but perspired heavily she asked for an outfit change. And so we let her put on a swimsuit since she was about to take a dip in a bit anyway. She looked better but the protective gear are a must so we cut her biking session short and sent her to the pool.