Sadako is a big fan of Christina Aguilera. It started when I was listening to her song “Your Body” and my little girl suddenly sang along to the “oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh” part of the chorus — perfectly. From then on, she’d regularly watch other Christina videos (like the "Your Body" one with The Roots and Jimmy Fallon), learn the other parts of the song, and even copy some of the singer’s steps in the vid.

Sadako is in love with the “Lotus” album of Xtina. She knows all the songs, from the “Lotus (Intro)” to the “Your Body” remix. She can sing along to certain parts of all the songs, especially the birits and the ad libs.

She even has to get the Xtina look whenever she wants to perform. No pigtails or ponytails; she asks for us to remove her scoongie whenever she wants to sing an Xtina song — complete with a mic and a mic stand, and in front of a vanity mirror. 

When she performs the “Lotus (Intro)” based on Xtina’s live performance at the American Music Awards, Sadako gets this piece of cloth and wraps it around her shoulders so she could look like Xtina. And right before Xtina transitions from the “Lotus (Intro)” performance to the “Army of Me” one, my daughter runs to the cabinet and hides so she can do the same Xtina entrance in the performance, which requires a door. 

When Sadako performs “Just a Fool” (live on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"), she ends it by making beso and small-talking with the nearest person around — pretending that person is Ellen DeGeneres.

I’ve saved Xtina videos in her iPad, her mom’s iPad Mini and my iPhone so Sadako can get her Xtina fix even when we’re offline. Even my BlackBerry has the whole “Lotus” album, and it’s not just because I love Xtina myself; it’s really for Sadako.

I am so excited to introduce her to the other Xtina albums and songs, but I don’t think I wanna show her the “Dirrty” video just yet.