I look up to Francine Jay of Miss Minimalist a lot. Her website is one of my favorites (although I haven't really read all of her posts yet). While I love each and every entry she posts (I am a fan of her clear yet still engaging writing style), I find myself drawn to the Real Life Minimalists series the most, even if these stories are written by the readers themselves and not by Francine. Almost always, the readers have very interesting stories to share about how much of a maximalist they used to be, what made them convert to minimalism, and how much minimalism has changed their life for the better. One day, I hope Francine will feature my own story. When I finally get to write and send it, that is.

Miss Minimalist has another series called One Less Thing, where she talks about things she CAN live without. Some of them are material things (like the TV set or perfume), while some of them are intangible (like fashion trends or drama).

I just checked all the posts under that category and found out that she has just five entries. Inspired by the category itself (and by the fact that it's not really one of her main categories -- meaning I can still "claim" it), I want to start a series of posts about the things that I can live without, things I own and want to give up -- complete with back story, photos, and if possible the new recipient, whether it's a relative or a friend or a stranger or the trash can.

It'll be something like a food diary or a blackbook that will hopefully remind me of all the junk I'd been keeping and how nice it is to give away stuff that I no longer find valuable because -- you know what they say -- one man's trash is another man's treasure.

I am excited.