Last week, I met up with a bunch of friends at the Midas Hotel. It was my first time there and I fell in love with the place. The moment I stepped in, I instantly fell in love, my eyes just going from one spot to another, mouth wide open.

For starters, since it’s the holiday season, they have a towering Christmas tree decorated with lights that looked like stars, balls and other ornaments in silver, plus these cylinder tube lights that resemble icicles.

Another scenestealer is the floor-to-ceiling silver shelf that had on display amazing pieces: white ceramic items, metal decors, plus stacks of orange boxes that were oh-so Hermes.

My favorite would have to be this fabulous metal sculpture that reminded me of a batya. This was one class batya, though! (Na-miss ko tuloy si Maricel Soriano.)

The furniture is also so class. I clutched my chest when I saw this metal chair with cowhide seat and back, plus leather armrests. 

We went to one of the rooms on the 8th floor, which happens to be a dedicated floor for solo female travelers (I love how they come up with these things; single ladies, especially those from other countries, do have safety and privacy concerns). Clean yet cozy, warm and inviting, the room looked very tempting. It was calling me to get drunk and just spend the night there stuffing myself silly on the bed while watching TV. Their flat screen TV, by the way, is concealed behind a wooden panel. Slide, surprise!

My friends and I caught the sunset; good thing the Midas Hotel has a great view of it. What made our sunset-viewing more special? Food and drinks!

I stuffed myself silly with sushi that made me clutch my chest, beef salpicao that made my eyes roll back, orgasmic gambas and these moan-inducing quesadillas with mango salsa.

Oh, and let’s not forget about dessert. There was just one tray but the assortment of bite-sized sweet treats was cray-cray. I didn’t even know where to start so I got one of each. That apple crumb tart has my nod of approval.

After the sun set and the skies turned dark, we witnessed another spectacle: fireworks care of the SM Mall of Asia. It was short and sweet and we didn’t mind because a rainbow of drinks was waiting for us back inside. 

The sampler that I am, I tried everything, from their Tequila Sunrise (awww, I wanna watch “Before Sunrise” tuloy) to their rum drinks. And the martinis! It was love at first sip with that Melon Ball Martini.

Great company (everyone came prepared with chismis) + applause-inducing food and drinks + an awesome venue that made everything possible + Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg (yes, “Ghost” was on cable that night) = lotsa fun.

I can’t wait to go back to Midas. And get drunk and stay the night.

Oh, and gamble, too.

Midas Hotel & Casino
2702 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City
Phone: (632) 902-0100