I had a fun assignment last week. I was to witness how Enercal, an adult milk supplement, and Luis Manzano would surprise GenPact, a leading BPO company in Alabang.

Half the fun was getting there. After a hearty dinner at Chateau 1771, we hopped on a bus—as in the kind you use for a field trip (all we needed were chips and our Colemans)—and after no one grabbed the mic to belt out a Frank Sinatra or a Mariah Carey song, had a blast with a trivia game instead.

Time sure flies when you’re having fun (I had fun exchanging horror stories with my seatmate, the lovely Jennifer from We reached Alabang in no time. And maybe traffic wasn’t that bad, too.

Here’s what happened at GenPact: call center agents were gathered in a room for a sampling event, wherein Sly Cruz, a GenPact agent who happens to be one of the commercial models of an Enercal commercial, was interviewed about the challenges of being in a call center. And then all of a sudden Luis was called in as a special guest. It didn’t look like everyone was surprised, however. I’m pretty sure someone from HR squealed and word got around pretty fast. But still, it was obvious how a lot of the agents were happy upon seeing Luis. It’s not everyday a celeb drops by your office, right?

Luis, who stars in the Enercal commercial that highlights the Enercal Plus Health Expose, gamely posed with GenPact employees, shook hands, and answered some questions from the press.

GenPact employees got free samples of Enercal Plus and free health check since it’s pretty obvious how stressed people working at a call center or a BPO company are, considering how they have to deal with irate callers and a crazy schedule.

Through the Enercal Plus promo, the people from GenPact were reminded of how they have to stay healthy inside and out, and that they don’t have to wait for their body to break down before they take in something like Enercal.

I have to admit I was a little excited to meet Luis since I’ve never really met him. That didn’t happen, though. Oh well, there’s always a next time.