I am not a circus kind of guy. The circus-est I could get is playing (more like missing) that Circus video game of the Family Computer, and appreciating circus-themed music videos, such as Christina Aguilera’s “Hurt.”

So when I was invited to watch Cirque de Soleil’s Saltimbanco, I wasn’t extremely excited. But I still went, of course, since it was free and I had nothing better to do. Dateless, I dragged my sister.

The first 10 minutes or so was an explosion of colors. Despite the fact that a lot of things (too many things, actually) were happening all at the same time, I wasn’t bowled over.

But then I saw those lizard-looking creatures (that resembled fruit stripe gums) crawling, slithering, dancing and Chinese pole dancing in unison. They got my attention.

Unfortunately, I got bored when that little boy character went onstage next and did his thing.

Good thing the next performer—a super juggler—was very impressive with his balls, and was followed by another breath-taking performer, and another, and another.

I enjoyed the boleadoras performance. I found it romantic and passionate. They were just two but they didn’t need much to entertain others.

The trampoline, Russian swing, and trapeze acts were, of course, spectacular. I had to sink in my seat and partially cover my eyes—and stop myself from squealing like a girl every time someone was way up there or was suspended in mid-air, which was a lot of times.

Interestingly, one of the highlights of Saltimbanco (at least during the last show, which I caught) was when that little boy character “picked out” someone from the audience, brought him onstage, and forced the “poor shy guy” to mimic his moves, which resulted to a lot of laughs. But if that guy wasn’t really planted, I have to applaud him. He was the star of the show, I swear.

My favorite part, however, was the Hand to Hand act, where two muscular guys showcased their strength, flexibility and ability to make everyone think they’re gay by carrying each other, going on top of the other, and planting their face near… certain body parts.

Saltimbanco was visually stunning, chest clutch-inducing, and extremely entertaining. I definitely enjoyed it, maybe even a little more than I enjoyed our catfish and mango salad, plus green curry beef dinner from Jatujak afterwards.

Oh, wait. No, dinner was really, really moan-inducing.