One of my most favorite people on earth, Chef Ramon of Daude, gave me some ubong from Cebu a couple of weeks ago. While they—a bag of crispy pork rind and a pack of peanut browas—are no longer around, I can still remember the moan-inducing experience they gave me.

It’s been years since I last had chicharon, and I certainly made bawi with this bag of super sinful pork rind. They had laman, and I never eat that, but I found myself consuming half of the pack in just a couple of minutes—wala pang suka ha. I felt so bad and guilty, I just had to stop myself and ask Yayadoll to finish the rest of the pack so I wouldn’t sin any more.

Naturally, I wanted something sweet after the chicharon, so I opened the pack of Lola Pureza’s peanut browas. Gone in just a few minutes. It was that good. They taste like those peanut kisses, but smoother. My only complaint is that they were sealed in little packets. I would have enjoyed eating them more (plus finished sooner) if they were bigger and in just one big jar.

Now I can’t wait to go back to Cebu. I love what they have to offer my taste buds, plus Chef Ramon knows the best food places there.

And oh, there’s someone I need to visit there.