On my last night in Davao, when I went there for an assignment for Inquirer some months ago, my “tour guide” Kenneth wanted me to try this superb cheesecake made by his friend, Joe, who has a bakeshop called Osvaldo’s in Legaspi.

“It’s called Blue Cheese, Walnut, and Fig Cheesecake,” he said.

He had me at blue cheese.

Unfortunately, the last slice was already reserved for someone by the time we got there. And so I “settled” for a slice of this matcha green tea cake (which was awesome) and a slice of this passion fruit cheesecake (which was perfect).

Strange thing happened, though. That slice of Blue Cheese, Walnut, and Fig Cheesecake got unreserved, so I got it—but to-go, since I was already full, having enjoyed some other cakes, plus some cocktails.

After a while, however, the slice disappeared. Frustrating.

Kenneth came to the rescue.

There was a couple enjoying the second to the last slice of the Blue Cheese, Walnut, and Fig Cheesecake. Kenneth introduced me to them—and then, to my surprise, asked them if I could taste it. Embarrassing!!! But they were sweet and accommodating, so I ended up getting a forkful. I actually wanted some more, but I had to stop myself, of course.

It was love at first bite. And it was so frustrating because I couldn’t have any more.

I never stopped fantasizing about that cheesecake ever since I left Davao.

The awesomest thing is that Kenneth surprised me with a whole cake when he arrived a couple of days ago! I felt like crying.

When I got home, I enjoyed one and a half slices—at 3am.

And then I had one and a half slices again after some hours, for breakfast.

I brought two slices with me to work, but “unfortunately” had to give it to an officemate. Good thing she’s a friend—and she enjoyed it, of course.

I just finished a slice a few minutes ago.

And now there are only three slices left.

And I am afraid. I can’t get enough, but I don’t want to finish it.

I think I will fly to Davao next month for Osvaldo’s Blue Cheese, Walnut, and Fig Cheesecake.

Joe, I heart you.

You, too, Kenny Boy, for making this love affair possible.