People at home are teasing me, claiming that my kiddie self resembles the new Little Miss Philippines, Ryzza Mae Dizon. I, of course, take offense, because my five-year old self is way cuter and more talented.

Yesterday, Ryzza was a guest on GMA 7’s Startalk, and when she started talking, my two-year old daughter Sadako all of a sudden ran towards her yaya’s TV set and just stayed there, as if she was hypnotized.

And then something weirder happened: she started pointing at her while making all these sounds.

And then my daughter started kissing the screen. As in we had to pry her away from the TV set, and she bawled every time.

She clearly loves Ryzza Mae Dizon.

Don’t hate me, but I am not sold yet, basing on the little that I’ve seen. I still think my five-year old self is way, way more charming and talented than her. As in paglabanin mo kami sa Little Miss Philippines and I think I would have won.