Last month, I celebrated my 11th year with the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

I was officially welcomed to the Inquirer family in May 16, 2001, but my first-ever article—the first one I submitted—saw print last June 6, 2001. It was a review of music videos, which I ended up doing several times again after that. Actually, I think that not a lot of people from PDI wrote about or reviewed music videos, so I’m proud to say it’s something that became “my thing.” Doing surveys, reviewing blogs and YouTube videos that share a theme, and tackling gay issues also became “my thing.”

I started writing for Inquirer’s 2bU! Section, but after several years, I finally graduated to writing for its kuya, Super. But even before that, I’m thankful for my other editors for giving me the chance to write for the Sunday Inquirer Magazine, and the other Lifestyle subsections. I am also grateful for being assigned to do the advice column Chatroom, which I enjoyed so much.

I have been writing for PDI for 11 years now, but I have no idea how many articles I’ve written for them. Actually, it’s easy to figure that out, because ever since my first story got published—believe it or not—I’ve been keeping a copy of my articles. As in every single one of them. (I guess it’s the Cancerian in me.)

This is my first clearbook.

I actually bought four clearbooks at first. Odiba, confident I’d be able to fill all of them up with my published stories. And you know what—I did.

Actually, I needed more after my fourth clearbook. So I bought some more from time to time. Too bad I didn’t get to stick to just one color of the clearbook cover but whatevs.

I presently have 13 clearbooks (two filled with Chatroom columns, the rest filled with stories from 2bu, Super, and the other Lifestyle subsections).

Last Saturday, I had two stories published, and I panicked when my other article didn’t have space in my, OMG, last clearbook. But after cleaning my bookshelf, I found that I still have two empty clearbooks for my Inquirer articles.

It’s time to buy some more clearbooks.

I hope I will never ever have the reason to not buy clearbooks anymore.

I am proud and honored to be part of the Philippine Daily Inquirer family.

Thank you to Pam, ma’am Chelo, ma’am Thelma, Stef, and the other editors and writers I get to work with.

And a special shout-out to the guards, the receptionist, and my most favorite people ever—Miss Lorna of Accounting and the lovely guys from the Cashier!

Now you have to excuse me. I need to write a story.