I attended the Alcatel One Touch event last July 5, 2012, held at Bella Ibarra in Quezon Avenue, and I was a little excited to actually be there because I wanted to check how cool their new phones are. However, I didn’t get to really examine them up close, so boo.

It was cool how they raffled off each new model; it sucked how I didn’t win any of them.

Their brand ambassador, Chris Tiu, couldn’t make it, so other celebrities dropped by.

Steph Henares, who looked stunning in her orange dress

Stef Prescott

Tin Patrimonio

Markki Stroem

Pareng Gino dela Peña, who owes me a cup of coffee

And Kevin Fowler (he looks so much better in person)

While the other celebs were being interviewed by the press, I saw Kevin chatting with a waiter. And so I approached him and asked if I could interview him.

It was charming how I’d ask him in English and he’d answer in Filipino (just like Sam Milby). Very charming.

My last question: “How old are you?”

His answer: 18.

I think I’m in love.