I turned a year older last July 11, and as with all birthdays, it was very special and memorable. I spent the first few hours with Sadako, the star of my life. The rest of the day, however, was spent with officemates, colleagues—and Nicki Minaj.

Yes, it was a work day birthday for me this year, and that’s perfectly fine for a workaholic like me. It also helps that I love my job. How can I not, when I meet all these cool people and get to experience all sorts of fun and memorable adventures?

I had a couple of meetings that day, and I also attended the Nicki Minaj press con and concert, which, of course, was lots of fun.

I want to thank each and everyone who greeted me, treated me, and sent me stuff, especially my PR friends, who I value so much.

The guys from Stratworks sent me a Jollibee cake—finally! I’ve made it! I, plus the guys at the One Mega Group office, loved it so much.

Amor and the rest of GeiserMaclang sent me a sweet (literally), beautiful and edible arrangement of fruits. The fruiquet looked and tasted lovely. My friends from One Mega Group enjoyed choosing which to get. I had my eyes on the pineapple flowers.

NJ and my other friends from Marie France sent over a gorgeous (and class!) floral creation from Fiori Di M by Margarita Fores. It’s so stunning I end up staring at it instead of typing away.

The fabulous girls from Perceptions definitely got it right when they chose Classic Confections’ Almond Crunch as a present. I love it so much I’m not sharing!

The gifts and greetings keep on coming and I’m just thankful for everyone who remembered and made me feel special. Thank you so much, everyone :)