I don’t know about you, but a birthday isn’t a birthday if there’s no birthday cake. It doesn’t even matter where it’s from or how huge it is. As long as there’s a cake on my birthday, I have a reason to celebrate.

I recently celebrated my nth birthday and the wonderful guys from Jollibee and their PR agency Stratworks sent me a Jollibee/Red Ribbon cake at the office, which, of course, I just had to share with everyone. It was a chocolate chiffon cake with marshmallow icing and—best of all—a Jollibee design! It definitely brought me back to my childhood days and put a smile on my face.

Every year, I make sure I get a different cake.

There was one time I had this really decadent chocolate cake with a caramel filling. It was very good, but—thanks to bad memory—I do not remember where it was from, so I can’t go recommend.

Another time, I bought Red Ribbon’s white forest cake, because I was just so intrigued. It turned out to be moan-inducing! I even think I like it more than black forest now.

And then there was this one birthday when I had the monstrous Mango Bravo cake from Conti’s. It was a hit with everyone, of course, and we love it so much that we order one even if it’s not my birthday.

My favorite birthday cakes, however, are those with a dedication. They’re just sweet, literally and figuratively. Take, for example, a couple of dedication cakes that I shared with my brother and cousin a couple of years ago. They were nothing special—just some mocha and chocolate cakes with butter icing—but they were really, really special. Somehow, every bite seemed really delish.

One very, very special cake I received was one made from scratch. It was also a dedication cake—with the dedication made of marshmallows. Top that! It may not be as beautiful as the cakes from Banapple, Conti’s, or even Goldilocks, but I definitely loved it. It really is the thought that counts!

What’s the most memorable birthday cake you’ve ever had?