Since I love Asian food, Banana Leaf is definitely one of my favorite restaurants—and I am just grateful how there is a branch near where I work.

Yesterday, editor Kat and I had lunch, and I had the privilege of choosing food—and not paying for any of it!

I just had to get Tom Yam Kung because it’s my favorite. It is so flavorful I and satisfying I think I can live the rest of my life eating nothing but Tom Yam Kung. I was just wondering though how cool it’d be if there was a thick and creamy version. Hmmm. Mmmm.

I also got the Malayan Chicken Curry with Potatoes, which was divine, especially when there was lots of sauce involved.

The only disappointment was the Penang Char Kway Teow, a so-so noodle dish. Good thing we had a seemingly never-ending supply of their Thai Iced Tea, which is always a pleaser. I sincerely believe that a trip to Banana Leaf is never complete without Thai Iced Tea aka perfection in a glass.

Awhile ago, Kat and I returned to Banana Leaf for lunch, but tagged along the other online editors (Cat of and Wyatt of and made it a lunch meeting.

Cat ordered Deep-fried Pandan Chicken while Wyatt asked for Pad Thai – Banana Leaf Style.

Kat apparently enjoyed the Tom Yam Kung so she ordered a bowl. I know she wanted it for herself but she ended up sharing it with everyone! ;)

I, in the mood for something I’ve never tried, picked the Deep-fried Squid Flavoured in Homemade Spicy Garlic, and am glad to report that everyone in our table enjoyed it. Good choice!

All four of us had a glass of Thai Iced Tea, of course.

Apart from the great grub, I think another highlight was my story on how I asked my artist to prepare an RIP Dolphy slider photo weeks ago. I know it sounds evil, but professionally speaking, I just wanted to be prepared.

The creepy thing is that the King of Comedy sadly, finally passed away some hours ago—some time after I shared my little RIP Dolphy story with the girls.

Read our IPS story on it HERE


But going back to good stuff, I just can’t wait to return to Banana Leaf, and preferably with editor Timmy, too.