I’m a huge fan of America’s Next Top Model. As in I have seen all the cycles—and I even have pirated copies of most of them so I can watch a cycle whenever I need some fierceness in my life.

There are so many reasons why I am a fan: the exciting challenges, the drama, and the colorful personalities. Don’t even ask me who my favorites are because I have a long list.

Definitely included in that long list are ANTM Allstars Dominique Reighard and Allison Harvard, who were in Manila recently. I really love both of them to bits—Dom coz she’s so trannylicious and you have to admit her singing career’s such a pleasant surprise, and Bloody Eyeballs coz she’s so artsy-fartsy and unique and perfectly imperfect and so sure of herself—but it looks like I’m really not that huge of a fan. Because even when I got invited to their Bench show, I for some reason decided to skip it.

And oh, the two stunners also ended up at the Starbucks I was in one night, and I for some strange reason decided not to say hi, introduce myself, and ask for a photo with them—even if they really looked approachable and no one else was bugging them for a photo. Actually, I felt more compelled to say hi to Mike Carandang (and, yes, ask for a photo opp, too), but still not that compelled coz I ended up stuck in my seat, just sipping my frap while staring at him.

They were just in front of me for a while, waiting for their drinks. And when they arrived, the Allstars left.

And that’s the end of my Close Encounter with the Fierce Kind story.