Not a lot of people know that I am already a dad—as in I have a two-year old daughter (named Sadako), and nope, she’s not adopted.

This is my second Father’s Day. Last year, Sadako was still very young so we didn’t really go out and celebrate. This year, I’m not sure if we’re going out (it’s a Sunday and everyone is out—and I mean everyone), but I am definitely spending the day with my special girl. Today’s not a cheat day, but I’m calling 86236 for some McDo so Sadako and I can enjoy some fries and float. After this blog post, I’ll try to resist the lure of FB and Twitter and just be a good dad to my little girl, or at least a dad who actually spends time with his daughter. And that’s a major accomplishment for me since I am a workaholic (and an online addict).

I love you, Sadako. I’ve always wanted to be a dad, and I am grateful I am finally one. Thank you for choosing me to be my dad. You may have been scaring off some people (you know what I mean) but you rock. It’s my privilege to be your dad. You are the star of my life.