Thanks to the guys from Stratworks and Jollibee for sending me a huge and yummy Champ for lunch today! It’s their advanced Father’s Day treat for me (I have a daughter—unbelievable but true), complete with a card that says: A heavyweight dad like you only deserves pound for pound treats during this special day. Kudos to you, Champ Daddy!

I just finished devouring the monstrously huge sandwich and I am very, very satisfied! How can I not be satisfied when the Jollibee Champ is made with 1/3 pound of 100% pure beef patty, fresh lettuce and tomatoes, creamy cheese, catsup, and mayo served in soft sesame bun. It is the perfect sandwich for any dad, Father’s Day or not.

Available at P102, the Jollibee Champ solo is filling, fulfilling, and affordable that any child can buy their dad one, or even upgrade it to a meal (with regular softdrinks and regular fries for P136).

Father’s Day might still be a couple of days away, but I think I’m buying my dad and my grandfather a Champ for dinner later because, well, I just wanna thank them for being such cool dads. They deserve nothing but the best, just like the big burger goodness of the Jollibee Champ.