I was invited to the launch of Chowking’s newest product—the Chow Pao—yesterday, June 7, 2012, and I didn’t really understand why the venue was SM Megamall’s Winema (We Interact with the Cinema, which is like a huge Titanic version of the Nintendo Wii). Of course, it was because we were being treated to a screening of Snow White and the Huntsman. But why hold a movie screening to launch a new food product?

And then we were handed our Chow Paos, the lights were turned off—and I got it.

Chowking’s Chow Pao—which is basically a mantao bun stuffed with meat, sautéed vegetables, and a special Chinese sweet soy sauce-based sauce—is a nice moviehouse companion (be afraid, popcorn). Easy to handle and eat, this tasty treat is available in four variants—Chinese Sausage, Chinese Sausage Special, Braised Chicken, and Chunky Beef—and is very affordable, too; price range is P25 to P49. Cheap, but definitely filling and fulfilling.

My favorites are the Braised Chicken (it reminds me of a non-spicy Kung Pao), and the Chinese Sausage Special (a leveled up chori burger!). Do go try everything, though, and enjoy it not just inside the cinemas. This new product from Chowking is also the perfect baon, merienda, and comfort food.

Props to Chowking for coming up with something innovative. The Chow Pao is definitely a welcome addition and an exciting offering in the quickly-getting-boring fastfood universe.

Apart from the Chow Paos (I’ve been a fan for a week or so now, even before the launch), I also enjoyed other things at the launch: the movie (but that’s for another post), the Winema games that required us to do a Mariah Carey in the “Fantasy” video, and the hot “chefs” from the TVCs (OMG, Kenji Marquez, is that you?) who even did a hot dance for us.