Last December, the GMA News TV makeover show Fashbook invited me to be a guest. In a style lookback segment, I—together with the fabulous Bekimon and the always-fasyown Divine Lee—picked out our best dressed and worst dressed celebrities for the year 2012 (read about it HERE).

A couple of weeks ago, they asked me to be a guest again, this time to be a judge for their Fashbook Miss Photogenic portion. We were taping in Subic, and it was going to be a whole-day shoot.

Call time at GMA was 7am so I made sure I woke up extra early for that. After all, I ended up late during my last guesting for them—and I didn’t want that to happen ever again. Good thing I wasn’t late this time.

The three celebrities competing for the Fashbook Miss Photogenic were beauty queen Martha Chloe McCulley, StarStruck graduate Princess Snell, and the spunky Vaness del Moral. I shared a van ride with them going to the location and since I didn’t know Martha and Vaness, I didn’t talk with them at first. Besides, I’m surethey were sleepy, considering their packed scheds. It was different with Princess, however, since I’ve known her ever since her StarStruck days. We were both sleepy and tired (I stayed up late writing articles, she was out partying till 3am), but we ended up exchanging stories about celeb crushes, cute people, and her family in Australia.

When we finally got to Subic, the production team didn’t waste any time. We went to the location of our first challenge: Subic’s Tree Top Adventure, where each girl had to do the “tree drop”—which lasts for just a couple of seconds. The challenge here is that, apart from conquering one’s fear of heights, each girl had to pose before and after the “drop”.

Fashbook host Solenn Heussaff, who admitted that she is afraid of heights, had to do it herself. Better tune in to the episode tonight on GMA News TV at 10pm to see how good (or bad) she did. Find out who among the three girls opted to skip it, too.

For the second challenge, we moved to a resort, where the girls had to pose with some animals on the beach: hito, crabs, and tilapia.

We didn’t go far for the third challenge. After slipping on a mermaid tail, Martha, Princess, and Vaness took a dip in the resort pool and posed for some shots underwater, which—as we all know—is very, very challenging.

We finished taping at 1am, and since we were all so exhausted, we stopped by a convenience store to get some chips and some sweets. It was a long ride going back home, and everyone was snoring. And I really mean everyone.

Do go watch Fashbook tonight, April 25, on GMA News TV Channel 11 at 10pm.