A couple of weeks ago, I got an interesting e-invite. It was shaped like a boarding pass and screamed Pan Am. It didn’t say much but since it was for a Sony Pictures Television event, I assumed it was about Pan Am, one of the shows they air.

When I got to the event, I discovered that it wasn’t all about just Pan Am. Sure, a bunch of women dressed as flight attendants welcomed us, but there were also some people dressed as anime characters, and materials promoting cable channels AXN and Animax. The AXN Beyond logo was nowhere in sight. The event, we later understood, was the relaunch of AXN Beyond as a new channel: beTV.

The program took forever to start. Fortunately, we had something exciting to look forward to: dinner, which was prepared by Fil-Am chef Paul Qui, who just won Top Chef Season 9. Unfortunately, the dishes took forever to be served; the gaps between the courses just too long. Fortunately, one of the waiters was really cute.

And there was some entertainment, too. A bunch of cheer dancers shouted and tumbled on the little stage, and singer Karylle belted some songs. She even asked members of the audience to participate—a bad idea, because once you announce something like that, everyone suddenly becomes busy with their cellphone, or their food, or they suddenly need to go somewhere.

The best thing about the event? I won an MP3 player. Well, not exactly the best because my seatmate won a laptop.