By now, you should have already heard of, bought and enjoyed at least 10 bars of Magnum, Selecta’s latest frozen treat. If not, shame on you—you are missing out on something big. These addicting Belgian chocolate-covered ice cream bars are so moan-inducing you really have to thank the guys from Unilever for bringing these gourmet bars to the Philippines. Perfect timing pa, now that it’s starting to feel like it’s summer already.

Last week, I finally got to taste my first-ever Magnum ice cream bar. I dropped by the Mini Stop near the house because I was craving for their cheap sundae but they sadly didn’t have any. And so I checked their freezer—and let out a little squeal of delight when I saw a mountain of Magnum ice cream bars. I had only P100 with me and since one bar costs P55, I could only get one. It took me a couple of minutes to decide on which variant to get (the plain or the one with almonds); I ended up with the nutty version. Hungry, excited, and afraid it’d melt by the time I get home, I ripped the packaging and devoured the frozen treat then and there. And let out a moan with every bite, of course.

It may be expensive but it sure is worth every single peso. The chocolate is smooth and thick while the almond slivers are in abundance (definitely no scrimping), plus the vanilla ice cream is just so creamy. I was definitely craving for more after my last bite, but sadly, I didn’t have enough money with me. Lesson learned. I’m bringing my wallet next time.


Forgive me for my lousy photo. That’s just the wrapper, yes, since it didn’t take long before I finished the ice cream bar the moment I ripped the wrapper open. I was actually searching for some photos online but after discovering how it’s also available in other yummy variants abroad—Magnum White, Magnum Mint, Magnum Double Caramel, Magnum Ecuador Cocoa, and Magnum Ghana Cocoa—I totally forgot about the photos. So you’ll have to settle for my lousy photo of an empty wrapper of a Magnum ice cream bar.

Now I can’t wait for the Magnum VIP party that Raymond Gutierrez invited me to. Hope there’s an open (ice cream) bar.

I can devour a Magnum ice cream bar in approximately two minutes. How about you?