Right after the press con with Jeff Timmons and the boys of Blue and A1, there was supposed to be another press con but just with A1—arranged by their record label MCA Music, in another room. So while Ben Adams, Mark Read and Christian Ingebrigtsen were getting ready to leave the presidential table, I hurriedly left my chair so I could get a nice seat at the next press con venue.

Something amazing happened though: I ended up walking with the boys to the next room. Christian was in front of me, Mark was behind, and Ben was right beside me. I looked like the fourth member of the group, considering how the four of us were surrounded by their bodyguards.

Of course, I just had to chat them up. I started by saying hi to Ben and making small talk. Christian turned around and gave me a polite semi-smile. Honestly, I don’t remember what I told Ben, but I do remember him complimenting my hair and saying that he wanted to have a similar cut; he wanted to go to the barbershop recently but didn’t have the time.

As it turned out, the room was just nearby so our little chitchat ended up being composed of just around four sentences—all in all.

Fulfilled with our little exchange of words, I suddenly felt like I didn’t really need to sit in front for the mini press con anymore. Besides, my bladder was full and about to burst; I held it in during the previous press con, so I really needed to go to the comfort room. Incidentally, all the A1 boys had full bladders as well.

The three of them went to the CR, their bodyguards guarding the door. I instantly followed, not because I wanted to stalk them, but because I really needed to go. I’m sure the bodyguards felt like I was some perverted stalker, but I was ready to pee on them had they barred me from entering the comfort room.

Fortunately (for them), they let me in.

When I got in, Mark was checking himself in the mirror while Ben and Christian were already relieving themselves. I went to a urinal—making sure there was an extra one between me and Christian. Obviously now, I’m not the biggest A1 fan (or at least I'm not that kind of fan).

When I was done, Christian was already gone, while Mark just finished taking a leak.

I went to the mirror and saw Ben there. I asked him if they missed Paul Marazzi, the original member who quit the band. “No,” he said with a straight face. “It’s so much better without him.”

Thing is that I’m not sure if he was serious (since we were the only ones there and I don’t think he knew I was a member of the press) or not; maybe he was just trying to sound cute.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah!” he said.

And then it was time to leave the comfort room.

The bodyguards opened the door and we walked out of the CR.

All eyes were on us, of course.